Mildronate became hit sales Mildronate store

Mildronate became hit sales doping scandal helped restore the sales growth of a preparation «Mildronate» (Meldonium), steadily declining in the past eight years. On Friday, reports «Interfax» with reference to data from research company DMS Group.

Last year sales of the drug fell to the lowest level for the last seven years. The overall fall in sales of the drug in 2015 relative to 2008, in the hospital segment and additional drug provision were as follows (in units) 83% and 98%, and in rubles 74% and 95%.

Sales counterparts «Mildronate», which contain a substance Meldonium («Cardionet» and «Adrenal»), also decreased. However, from 7 to 13 March 2016 sale «Mildronata» increased 2.2 times in packages compared to the first week of the month to 78.3 thousand pieces. In monetary terms, sales of the drug grew in 2.5 times up to 35.6 million with growth rates of 9%.   Mildronate became hit sales.

However, the company recognizes that attention to the drug does not lead «to reach additional capacity sales», but rather helps to partially win back the positions that he held previously.

In DSM Group recalled that a similar situation was previously with the «Fenotropil», whose sales also rose amid doping scandal with athletes. Earlier it became known that «Mildronate» became a hit of sales in the pharmacy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Meldonium active substance «Mildronata» was at the center of a scandal after the recognition of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is, she failed the doping test due to the use of this drug. The substance included in the prohibited list in sport of the highest achievements from 1 January 2016. Since then, the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) found the substance in more than 123 samples.

Given the fact that Meldonium is widespread in the post-Soviet space, and beyond the borders of the former USSR athletes continue legally to accept his counterparts, the majority of victims of drug you can imagine this region. As of March 21 found to use the drug and expect more disqualifications of Russian athletes 15.

This week a representative of the company Grindex, to absorb Meldonium, confirmed to journalists that the doping scandal has caused a significant increase of interest in the drug.

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