Meldonium Review by Athlet- I’m on a boat

I admit that it was not until Sharapova’s positive doping test started attracting attention that I began taking Mildronate, also known as Meldonium (from now on referred to as Meldonium); the drug was unknown to me until that very moment.

Out of curiosity, I spent nearly a week extensively researching the drug and found it to be relatively harmless when it comes to side effects and risks, and also quite fascinating due to potential benefits from derived from taking it, so I made a decision to try it. I ordered it from Russia. It was easy, and the order, two-months’ worth of supply, arrived in approximately one and a half week. Those wanting to know more about potential benefits should just google thoroughly. In a nutshell, it improves the flow of oxygen to muscles and brain, and, furthermore, creates a condition that forces your body to create energy by burning glucose, rather than fat, under stress. I can only recommend you do research by yourself since I am not a specialist.

I took it for a week before doing any strength training or jogging (been doing both of these every week/day for more than four years); however, having finished the second week and a few cardio days (trail running for 3-6 miles), and a handful of strength training days (standard chest, triceps, shoulder, back, biceps, and legs, all done in form of super sets, with proper amount of time between sets and exercises), I have to admit that Meldonium has a definite beneficial impact (at least in my case).

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Meldonium has proven to be useful for me in several different ways:

First of all, it looks like Meldonium certainly increases energy level, boosts mood, and highly improves focus at the same time. And that applies to everyday life as well. After taking the drug in the morning, I can feel its impact within an hour; it is not excessive, nor is it overly strong (I have sensitivity in these matters), but it is definite. The effect is rather amazing when I combine it with my usual morning dose of caffeine.

Meldonium in Bodybuilding

Moreover, during strength exercises, I was amazed by how much my stamina, recovery time, and strength improved. And I have to mention again just how both focus and attention skyrocket. So I kept on adding 5 pounds to each exercise and constantly witnessed myself increasing the reps by 2-3 without any difficulty. I don’t socialize when working out, and only had 10 conversations over the past 4 years; this attests to me wanting to focus and apply myself, and it is a personal thing, rather than me being a creepy weirdo with social aversion (with the last point being open for interpretation, depending on your point of view) (LOL!).

My exercises last from 3:30 AM to 5:00 AM, and I squeeze whatever is possible into that time slot. I also have an intimate knowledge of what my strength and stamina are capable of, so I stick to the same exercise routine for a minimum of half a year before making any changes to it. The reason I mention that is to indicate that I’m highly sensitive and observant to changes in my performance levels. As opposed to other supplements I’ve taken in the past (you know, usual pre-workout stimulants), Meldonium brought enormous improvement to strength and coherence during the first workout week at the gym.

In terms of post-workout (or, to be precise, after every exercise), my recovery times experienced significant improvement. The same goes for my cardio workout (trail running), although the latter is less certain since I am capable of running 6 or more miles on my own without needing to catch a breath.

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Finally, Meldonium didn’t yield any side effects in my case; the influx of energy I get is not rough and unpleasant as opposed to lots of pre-workout supplements (I detest those since most of them make my skin prickly or leave me with an excess of caffeine in my body)… it is a mere influx of energy and a decrease of daily fatigue that you encounter on a daily basis.

Sleep is essential to me, and it has remained unaffected (I follow the standard instructions that advise to take it in the morning). The same thing can be said about my appetite and diet.

Now I get it why professional athletes take the drug…

These are a few observations concerning my recent findings that I wanted to share…

My two-month course of Meldonium will continue, and I will keep you informed here should I encounter something new.

I kept thinking of how my research on Meldonium led me to discover the fact that it also happens to be a nootropic drug, which is not something I know, but from what I read it boosts the brain function (focus, mood, cognitive function, etc.)… and it has to be mentioned again… it felt like (it is felt during the whole day) these mental benefits are as distinct as the physical ones are in the gym.

God damn, it even feels like my typing speed is 120 WPM instead of the usual 100…

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