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Parantaa kehon valmiuksia Mildronate

Avoimesti vastata kaikkiin kysymyksiin. Lääke oli todellakin kielletty urheilussa WADA. Siksi, jos olet ammattimainen urheilija ja sinut tehdään dopingista, then MILDRONATE® is not suitable for you. Possible disqualification during competitions is the only consequence this drug may have.

In amateur sports and everyday life, the drug posses no danger for you. Check the list of contraindications, take the drug strictly according to instructions and dosages, and be sure to get prescription from your doctor.

Sisään 2016, MILDRONATE® manufacturers are submitting additional information to WADA so that the drug could be removed from the list of prohibited substances by 2017. Up until May 2016, WADA has not provided Grindex with precise reason why MILDRONATE® was banned. The drug is available for sale in the United States, Germany, Uk and other countries.

MILDRONATE® is not prohibited by the US federal law. WADA is a sports organization and not a medical control body.